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Your Trusted Electricians Serving West Palm Beach


We wire the impossible. We thrive on tough projects, because we realize that past adversities catalyzed our growth.


Failure is not an option.


We adapt to new market conditions so quickly that we have a solution before the market has a need.

Understanding how our industry works when clients decide to do business on base price alone and are adversely affected, we invite our clients to join us in changing industry standards.

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We have 11 core talents that make us the one and only lighting and electric company in the West Palm/Miami area that can address this problem.

Our core talents allow us to create a win-win relationship with our clients and allow us to create the fastest solutions in the industry - even when our competitors fail to perform.


In the process of doing this, we satisfy the 18 core values that comprise our company culture.


The ultimate measure of our company’s success will be evidenced by:

The continuous satisfaction of our 18 core values of: Stability, Growth, Trust, Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Proficiency, Adaptability, Specialized Knowledge, Loyalty, Connection, Reliability, Efficiency, Adventure, Communication, Employee Satisfaction, Contribution and Immortality while establishing the standards by which business is conducted internationally.

We are the only company on earth who can possibly perform this function because:

We provide the fastest solutions in the industry. Our clients may have other alternatives, but we have no competitors!

Our Unique Core Talents

1. Employees Continuing Education in a variety of applications, resulting in benefits to the client of proficiency and speed.

2. Refined Project Management Procedures create efficiencies in field operations resulting in the fastest, most efficient solutions.

3. Project Coordination – Our unique experience and understanding of complex jobs, from interior lighting components in West Palm to dock and marine lighting in Miami, allows us to help coordinate the flow of projects ,saving the GC and client resources (time, money, energy and stress).

4. Project Connectivity – Having CE presence on the job is like the client having a second set of eyes that share their vision. In addition, CE helps clients clarify and manifest their vision.

5. Experienced, Diversified Estimating staff with over 100 years estimating experience combined results in fastest and most comprehensive proposals giving GCs a competitive advantage and giving clients faster start and completion times.
Our estimating formats make it easier for clients to understand what they are getting for their money and also make it easier for them to compare our proposal against other alternatives.
Our project foresight and value engineering allows the client to anticipate problems that could cost time money and stress, before they occur.

6. Project Engineering and Design Services available when plans require state signed and sealed by registered engineer. This provides clients with increased security and establishes EC accountability resulting in increased satisfaction, and savings in time and money.

7. Ability to partner with project design team including Engineers, Architects, Designers, Consultants, and GCs to create an environment of shared accountability which results in greater security and customer satisfaction, fewer time delays, reduced unnecessary costs and higher quality solutions.

8. Gratifying Client Experience - Each CE employee embodies over 25 years of shared corporate values. Each of us cares about you and your project, dream and vision as much as the founder does!

9. Response Time - Our fleet of over 60 vehicles available 24/7/365, is tracked continuously by the most sophisticated GPS locating and monitoring system which results in the fastest response time in the industry.

10. Cutting Edge Technology - Every CE employee has access to cutting edge tools and technology necessary to create the fastest, most accurate, cost and time efficient solutions.

11. CE Leadership and Culture - We maximize each employee’s potential to provide unsurpassed client experience by discovering their core talents and developing their strengths every day, creating an environment where employees look forward to coming to work, love their jobs and have the ability to grow.

Our Core Values Include:

  1. Stability

  2. Growth

  3. Trust

  4. Teamwork

  5. Integrity

6. Respect

7. Proficiency

8. Adaptability

9. Specialized Knowlege


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