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Carpenter Electric is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our electricians in the field, as well as the safe operation of each and every component of the electrical systems that we install and maintain. We are passionate about keeping our community a safer place to live, work and play. Electricity is an incredible form of energy. It made our industrial revolution possible, and allows us to live our lives in ways that were never thought possible. However, with great power comes great risk and responsibility. The same power that lights our streets and cools our homes, has the potential to cause serious harm and even death. Because of that, we put safety at the forefront of our concerns on a daily basis.


We don’t just preach SAFETY, it is our culture.  


All new hires at Carpenter Electric spend their first day of work going through orientation. They learn about our company policies, procedures and culture, take safety training courses and are issued their personal protective equipment, including high visibility shirts, hard hats, safety glasses and gloves. Our teams hold weekly Safety toolbox talks and each project has a daily site specific breakdown of changing details about the job to keep everyone aware of potential safety hazards.  

Every beginning level technician that joins the Carpenter team must go through the national apprenticeship program. Furthermore, we cover the cost of all four years of apprenticeship schooling. In addition to requiring and funding vocational school for each technician, we offer raises in pay and reimbursement for certified OSHA safety programs. We regularly encourage our technicians to better themselves through continuing education and employee development 

The Carpenter Electric, Inc. Safety Committee meets every other month and discusses all safety concerns and ideas concerning the team, office, warehouse, fleet of trucks, and the job sites. Safety is not just a sign on the wall, it is a culture. We want every person to return home the same way they came to work.

Safety: First, Last, Always

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