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Security lightsare one of the most practical and effective ways to prevent crime in or around your home or office.

In fact, statistics show that crimes are less likely to occur ay well-lit properties because lighting is an excellent deterrent to criminals.


Let Carpenter Electric provide your dock with the electrical power and lighting you need. Whether you need a power pedestal, davit power, site lighting or any other convenience at your Florida dock, we are the one stop solution for your electrical needs.


We also configure marinas of any size, and will be there to service the equipment after the installation. Our maintenance agreements will save you money and keep your electrical systems working consistently.


Let us help you with your parking lot lighting needs. We carry an extensive line of parking lot lighting inventory, from square to round to architectural speck grade light poles.


We also provide steel, aluminum, fiberglass, concrete and wood parking lot poles.


Light poles are available for supermarkets, malls, convenience stores, doctor’s offices as well church parking lots. The same light poles can also be used for roadway lighting.


From major freeways to single streets, Carpenter Electric can light it up for you. With a huge choice of parking lot lighting fixtures and light poles in FL, you can achieve the secure and well-lit parking lot or site you need.


Carpenter Electric’s tapered steel high mast poles assist with large-area lighting applications, providing the ultimate in safety and functionality for roadways, ports, and industrial areas.

We are the leading choice for customers needing high mounting structures.


Conventional lighting systems are those using mounting heights of 50 feet or less. This description is used to differentiate between conventional mounting heights and high mast lighting, which uses mounting heights of 100 feet or more.


High mast lighting should be considered for most urban interchanges that qualify for complete interchange lighting and for tangent sections of freeways with initial average daily traffic (ADT) of 70,000 or greater where lane closure would be necessary for the maintenance of a conventional lighting system, and where a study shows that substantial traffic flow disruptions would occur during such lane closures.

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